Are you a student? Are you considering doing voluntary work? And are you available this summer?

We are looking for you!
Each summer, our foundation SAVIE (Students Abroad Volunteering In Eastern Europe) is looking for enthusiastic students who are willing to commit themselves to our projects. We are offering you an amazing summer while helping others. Nonetheless, you also become acquainted with other languages and cultures!

Registration procedure
Are you interested in taking part in one of our projects? Join the information evening we organise every year in February! During this evening you will receive more information on our projects. After the presentation about our projects there will be room to ask questions to the board members and you can already sign up for one of our projects! Wanna sign up for the information evening? Mail us at info@stichtingsavie.org. Also, keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for more information about the exact data of the information evening.

Are you excited to start your journey with SAVIE? Do you already want to sign up for one of our projects? Click here !

For each project, two volunteers from the project group will be assigned as leader. They are the head contact person of the project group and have other activities to do. For instance, taking care of the finance, tickets, the project report and the evaluation. You are the important link between your group and the board and while doing that having a good time in your group.

Are you organised and responsible? Please sign up for the leadership on our registration form here! After you signed up, we would like to have a conversation with you to see if you are suitable for this function.

Board functions
Each year, the foundation is looking for new board members. Are you interested in becoming one of our board members? Or are you curious what the different functions are of the board members? Click here.