Project Zenica

Data: 11 July 2021 - 17 July 2021
This project is subject to change depending on an improved COVID-19 situation.

For several years now, the day center "The Nest" has been present in Zenica, a city in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This day center focuses on children between 6 and 16 years old who live below the poverty line and often deal with problems within their families. The volunteers will try to improve the conditions for these children and to give that little bit of extra attention that they are now missing. School supplies and other necessary materials will also be provided.

Project 2021
During the stay, many activities are organized in and near the day center: from educational workshops to sports and games. The emphasis is on growing up in a multi-ethnic environment. The three main goals of the project are:

  • Collaboration of children during sports and games;
  • Changing current views on differences;
    Learning about the consequences of prejudice and discrimination.
  • This will be a safe environment for the children to play!

Belangrijk: vanwege de huidige COVID-19 situatie in het land, is ervoor gekozen om vrijwilligers te sturen die al richting het gebied gaan en om ook lokale vrijwilligers te zoeken. Meld je dus alleen aan als jij al van plan was richting Bosnië en Herzegovina te gaan deze zomer. Normaal gesproken vragen we een bijdrage van vrijwilligers om deel te nemen aan een project. Voor project Zenica vragen we dit jaar geen eigen bijdrage, de reiskosten zijn voor eigen rekening. 

Lodging and leisure
The volunteers will stay in Zenica during the project. Since the content of the project this year are day activities, the amount of free time depends on the content of the days themselves.

Example daily schedule
08.00     wake up and have breakfast together
09.00     workshop prejudices
11.00     walking
12.00     lunch
13.30     play games (e.g. Uno and Halli Galli)
15.30     walking
17.30     walking
18.30 evening game (e.g. smuggling game)
21.00     end of program

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