Practical information

The projects take place during the summer holidays.

How long
Each project takes approximately 2 weeks.

How many persons
Per destination 6 to 10 participants can join.

The personal contribution per participant is 190 euros, this applies to every project. The foundation pays the travel and accommodation costs. We therefore travel jointly by bus. Note: travel insurance is not included here. Everyone is responsible for arranging the necessary vaccinations, travel and cancellation insurance.

  • Tip: pay attention to choosing an appropriate, sufficiently covering insurance.
  • Request immediately non-binding insurance advice via JoHo, appropriate to your plans.
  • Take your travel insurance now and buy your travel items at a discount!

It differs per project how "luxury" you spend the night. You will sleep in the guest houses of the home in Stamnica, you will stay in a "guest house" of SOS Children's Villages in Sarajevo and in an apartment at the Veliko project.

During the preparation period, the project leaders will plan a number of meetings in consultation with the other volunteers. These are organized to get to know each other better and to make plans for the project. You are expected, if possible, to attend all meetings and to make an active effort. The participants' regulations are signed during the first meeting with the final project group. The foundation organizes project training for each project group. This project training is intended to get to know your project group well and to map out expectations and motivations.

It is expected of each project group that they themselves arrange for a sum of money to be spent on the destination project. The amount raised can be spent both here in the Netherlands and there at destination for purposes that are considered useful for the project. When raising more money, the group can spend more on both activities and materials. In the past, all project groups managed to raise enough money, so don't worry about this!

The collection week takes place every year in July. It is expected that all volunteers collect a number of half-days. This money goes to the foundation and this ensures that we can keep the personal contribution per participant low.

Social activities
To get to know not only the participants of your own project, but also participants of the other projects, a number of activities are organized between March and June for all newly registered volunteers of the foundation. The first activity will be an introductory drink. More information about the social activities will in any case be announced via Facebook, Instagram and via email.

Apply for a VOG
A VOG is applied for for every volunteer who participates in a VOG. More information about this soon.

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