Advisory board

Experienced former volunteers from the foundation guide the appointed board of SAVIE professionally in their work. The Advisory Board monitors the continuity and development of the board members and the sustainability of the work.

The composition of the Advisory Board of the SAVIE foundation is as follows:

Florianne Niessen- Boardmember 2016-2017
Roos Mank – Boardmember 2017-2018
Vera Over de Vest – Boardmember 2017-2018
David van Wirdum – Boardmember 2018-2019
Chantal Straver – Boardmember 2018-2019
Amber Natzijl – Boardmember 2018-2019
Eveline Vos – Boardmember 2018-2020
Lior Kroeze – Boardmember 2019-2020

You can read the concrete interpretation of the Advisory Council here te lezen.