Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is a standard code of conduct used within various voluntary organizations. The code of conduct applies to contact with the target group, but certainly also within the project groups.

Code of conduct SAVIE
1. I accept and respect the other as he/she/they is and do not discriminate.
2. I take the limits of others into account
3. I don't bother other people.
4. I do not harm the other.
5. I am not abusing my dominant position in any way.
6. I do not swear or make mean jokes or comments about others.
7. I don't ignore others.
8. I do not participate in bullying, laughing or gossiping.
9. I don't fight, I don't use violence, I don't threaten others, I don't bring weapons.
10. I dress appropriately, which means I don't show too much skin.
11. I adopt a professional attitude when it comes to working with the target group, so I do not add members of the target group on Facebook.
12. I do not focus my attention on one person of the target group.
13. I do not get too close undesirably and do not touch the other person against his or her will.
14. I do not sexually harass others with unwanted sexual attention.
15. I do not ask inappropriate questions or make unwelcome comments about someone's personal life or appearance.
16. If someone is bothering or bothering me, I ask him / her to stop. If that doesn't help, I ask someone else for help.
17. I help others to also adhere to these agreements and I speak to those who do not adhere to them and report this to the board if necessary.

We expect that every volunteer who is anticipating one of projects applies for a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag; Certificate of Good Conduct). More information about the VOG is found in practical information.