Project Sarajevo

Data: 26 July 2021 - 6 August 2021
This project is subject to change depending on an improved COVID-19 situation.

A branch of SOS Children's Villages is located in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the SOS Children's Villages projects that takes place in the summer is focussed on the children and families living in deep poverty, the so-called Family Strengthening Project. SOS Children's Villages tries to help this target group in various ways. This organization offers the younger children free education, trips with counselors, psychotherapy when necessary, and more. In addition, it offers parents guidance in upbringing if necessary and gives the parents courses that enable them to obtain a better position in the job market and to claim economic support.

Project 2021
Because of COVID-19, the focus this year will be on organizing various activities and day trips at the activity center of SOS Children's Villages in Sarajevo. Normally, this center has a free entrance for children involved in SOS children's villages as well as children from the neighborhood. The size of the group of participating children can vary from day to day.

Belangrijk: vanwege de huidige COVID-19 situatie in het land, is ervoor gekozen om vrijwilligers te sturen die al richting het gebied gaan en om ook lokale vrijwilligers te zoeken. Meld je dus alleen aan als jij al van plan was richting Bosnië en Herzegovina te gaan deze zomer. Normaal gesproken vragen we een bijdrage van vrijwilligers om deel te nemen aan een project. Voor project Sarajevo vragen we dit jaar geen eigen bijdrage, de reiskosten zijn voor eigen rekening. 

Lodging and leisure
For the time being, the Guest House of SOS Children's Villages is a quarantine center for employees. Therefore, the distance from the apartment to the activity center will be greater this year. The amount and format of the free time depends on the day trips and activities, so you have more free time one day than the next.

Example daily schedule
8.00 to get up
8.30 exercise in the morning
8.45 breakfast
9.30 activities (e.g. swimming, playing games, crafts)
13.30 lunch
14.30 activities (e.g. hiking, football, water fight)
18.00 diner
19.00 evening program (e.g. evening game or theme evening)
21.00 end of program

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