Project Veliko Gradište

Data: 1 August 2021 - 8 August 2021
This project is subject to change depending on an improved COVID-19 situation.

The Veliko Gradište project provides assistance to children in a Roma village in the Serbian town of Veliko Gradište on the Danube. This village consists of about thirty houses, with the living conditions of the families varying from house to house.

The facilities that seem self-evident to us, such as a bathroom and a toilet, are all too often lacking in these families. In addition, the children have very little to do during the summer holidays. Besides the lack of money, there is also a great lack of attention for the children. The parents are often at work in the hope of a better future for their children, which means that they are much more dependent on themselves.

Project 2021
The aim of this project is to give these children the time of their lives, even if only for a week. Activities give them the opportunity to put their concerns aside and get all the attention they deserve. In addition to day trips to the pool, new games and crafts are prepared and set up every day for the children in the park or on the field. These activities, which seem so simple and self-evident to us, mean a lot to these children and they look forward to our arrival every year!

Currently, a large portion of the Serbian population is vaccinated for COVID-19. As a Dutch student you can register for this project via the registration form. Should the situation in Serbia change so that it is not responsible for sending volunteers that way, we will reconsider the implementation of the project this year. Voor deelname aan dit project als vrijwilliger vragen we een eigen bijdrage van €190,- (voor reis en verblijf). Aan de studenten die komende zomer al in Servië zijn en vanuit daar direct vrijwilligerswerk gaan doen, wordt deze eigen bijdrage niet gevraagd (de reiskosten zijn dan voor eigen rekening).

Lodging and leisure
During the project, the project members will stay in an apartment in Veliko Gradište, a 15-minute walk from the Roma village. During the project, the days last approximately from 9 am till 2pm, with lunch with the children after the activities before they go back to the village. Afterwards there is the possibility to prepare activities for the next day, but also to enjoy your free time. For example, you can go to Silver Lake for a swim or to taste tasty Serbian dishes.

Example daily schedule
8.00 to get up
8.30 breakfast
9.00 3 project members go to the village to collect children, 2 project members prepare in the park
10.00 walk to the park with the children
11.00 activities
13.00 lunch together with the children
14.00 walk back to the village, bring the children hom
15.00 free: prepare for other days, do some shopping, go out for dinner, silver lake

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